The Shoppe

Built around 1902, our three-floor facility is uniquely designed to provide you with a naturally distanced community environment.


Depending on your preference, you can enjoy decks, porches, and a beautiful, grapevine-canopied wine garden outside; or individual rooms themed after different wine regions and a gallery featuring local art spread across 3500 square feet inside.


Come see for yourself how we're perfectly equipped to provide you with a safe and comfortable sanctuary inside or out, in times both normal and strange.

The Team

Because we're not really in the wine business, we're in the people business.







Our hostess Kelsey was absolutely wonderful. She was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the wines,


Norma Barlow

Kansas City, MO

Great to meet Emily. She did a great job!


Jodi & Scott Johnson

Kansas City, MO

Always a great place to go! Daniel is the best.


Ann & Marc Siebert

Parkville, MO

Steve is so amazing! He is so knowledgeable about wines and always has a fun story or info about the winery or region.


We can't recommend enough visiting Wines by Jennifer®!


Monica & Tommy Jaynes

Kansas City, MO


You've got questions. We've got answers.

Do I need a reservation?

Do you have beverage options other than wine?

Do you make your own wine?

Do you serve food?

Do you cater?

Can I bring my own food?

​Can I have my event here?

Can you come to my location and do an event?

How did you come up with such an unusual concept?

Hey, I hear you guys travel a lot! Where have you been lately?

Hey, I hear you guys travel a lot! Where are you going next?

Is it true you globetrot for weeks on end with just one backpack?

Do you need someone to carry that backpack?

Are you ever going to host another European wine river cruise?

Can you give me recommendations on where to go in XYZ?

I heard you guys are both pilots. Is that true?

What's your favorite wine?

How did you get the baby grand piano up the stairs?

Do you live here?

Are you hiring?