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People Love "The 5 Hidden Secrets of Expert Wine Tasting" Free Report!

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I really enjoy the free report, and the Grape of the Week series, too!

      Don Nichols

      • The wine tasting free report was great! I’d heard of the five steps before, but not about all the details you shared. The tone used in writing is very conversational and not condescending. That’s always a welcome sign from people new to the wine tasting environment. Thanks for offering this!

        Amy Wunderlich

      • I love these Grape of the Week emails! Thank you for sharing and I will share with my family and friends!

        Linda (Linn) Remling Mills

      • I enjoyed the course and learned quite a bit. I have been lucky enough to have met several of the winemakers here in Virginia, and between them and courses like this, my knowledge and appreciation of wines continues to expand.

        Jan Pavlacka
        Palmyra, Virginia

      • I did very much enjoy reading the wine tasting course! Also, we had a great time at our first Wines by Jennifer® Octoberfest – thanks!

        Andrea Nattrass
        Parkville, MO

      • Andy and I loved the information. Although we do frequent wineries when we travel, and have a fair amount of knowledge, we learned so much more. Thank you - we enjoyed it!

        Sharon Garrett
        Asheville, NC

      • Thank you Jennifer....the course on wine was fun! We shall be in again soon.

        Doug and Monica Sassmann

      • I enjoyed the course very much. You broke it down nicely and made it easy to understand. I look forward to using my new found knowledge! Thanks!!

        Annie Pirnack

      • It was wonderful and very helpful!

        Marty T. Myers
        Lee's Summit, MO

      • It very clear and concise information! Thank you!

        Chris Beers

        • Thank you for the tasting information. I also so enjoy your Grape of the Week series!

          Mark Huffhines

        • I've been seriously reading and tasting wines for about five years. That makes me an experienced novice. Your wine course is awesome. It contains information that many books simply beat around the bush about. Thank you for your straight forward, to-the-point facts about tasting wine.

          Gary Smith
          St. Joseph, MO

        • I learned a lot and am having fun trying it out!

          Jane Truitt

          Overland Park, KS

        • Thanks - I learned a lot and enjoyed the lessons!

          Philip Severson

        • I loved your 5 Hidden Secrets wine tasting course! It was very informative!!! Thanks!

          Marion K. Newcomer
          Kansas City, MO

        • Thanks, it was a great introduction!

          Walt Lantzy
          Lansing, KS

        • Thanks, I enjoyed the course. Thought it was very good info and will be at a tasting soon!

          Steve Shea

          Kansas City, MO

        • Very informative & interesting - THANKS!!!

          Jennifer Benefield

        • Enjoyed the course. Just the right length. Thanks!

          Kevin Day
          Parkville, MO

        • Jennifer, thank you so much for the great information. I was able to use it while doing some wine tasting there and enjoyed it immensely! I look forward to coming back up to Wines by Jennifer®.

          Prissy LeMay

          • Yes, we did enjoy the wine tasting series. We even forwarded it on to some of our wine drinking friends and hope to make it in for a tasting session soon. Thanks!

            Lori Baker

          • Great refresher course - I used it to educate the friends I brought with me two weekends in a row!

            Scott Ruther

            Parkville, MO

          • I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. My three sisters are more the wine drinkers, so I forwarded the course to them. Thanks!

            Janet Wolford

            Kansas City, MO

          • I enjoyed the course very much. Simple and easy to understand, but informative. I will have to go back and review though, as I don't always devote enough time to all five steps.Visited your shoppe today with my daughter-in-law. It was so neat!

            Sandy Davis
            Maryville, MO

          • Thank you for the 5 lessons in wine tasting. I learned a lot and look forward to visiting you soon. I also forwarded these lessons to several friends that will be joining us for our wine tasting experience.

            Donna Robinson
            Basehor, KS

          • We really enjoyed the course, and learned quite a few points! This will help us not only more fully appreciate our wines, but also better understand the "why" of why we like/don't like, etc. Thanks so much; we are so happy to be members of the Club.

            Pamela Miller & Mike Cummings

            Kansas City, MO

          • Excellent!! Thank you!

            Angelica B. Rodriguez

          • Thanks Jennifer! I was very pleased with the "5 'Hidden Secrets' of Expert Wine Tasting" course. I look forward to visiting you soon.

            Peggy Doncevic

          • Loved the info! I look forward to learning more about wine and visiting the store again. Thanks!

            Maria Walser

          • Yes, we very much enjoyed the "5 'Hidden Secrets' of Expert Wine Tasting" and we're looking forward to your special events!

            Joyce Moss

            • Thanks Jennifer and Don, the "5 'Hidden Secrets'" course was just what I needed. I'm so appreciative!

              Joni Laferla
              Kansas City, MO

            • Thank you so much! My sister and I are stopping in this week or next and can't wait! See you soon and thank you for the awesome wine info. I've always wanted to know more about it.

              Laura Gilchrist

            • We enjoyed your course very much and are practicing. We will be putting it to use when we visit your shop on Friday!

              Mary Seitz
              Wichita, KS

            • I have thoroughly enjoyed the "5 'Hidden Secrets' of Expert Wine Tasting" course. Thank you so much for all the info!! I will definitely pass this on to others who would be interested in your shop.

              Jimmye Brizendine

            • I very much enjoyed the "5 'Hidden Secrets' of Expert Wine Tasting." I am bringing five friends into the shoppe soon and will be forwarding the course to them before we come. Thanks and see you soon!

              Analee Lanio

            • Jennifer, not only did I very much enjoy the "5 Secrets" tasting course, I LOVE your store. I stopped by for the first time last Friday, after researching several KC-area wine stores online. The layout, the selection, the folks that work there - all phenomenal! I will definitely be visiting your store often - every time I'm back, prior to my move...and as a REGULAR when I settle in.

              Jen Guffey

            • Hi Jennifer, I enjoyed the course very much. Well done and very informative. Thanks!

              Stan Fellwock

            • Very nice, thanks.

              Crosby Kemper III
              Chief Executive
              Kansas City Public Library
              14 West 10th Street
              Kansas City, MO 64105

            • I enjoyed the information on Wine Tasting. It's nice to understand what makes a wine taste the way it does. It really helps explain what makes a really good wine and why some wines aren't very good. Thanks!

              Mark Falls

              • Yes, great idea...very concise. I've been trying to help out a family member who wants to learn more about wine. Forwarding him those emails put him much further ahead in a much more concise fashion than I had done so far!

                Andy Ferguson

              • Enjoyed it very much. Also learned a few new things. Thanks!

                Jim Clark

              • Jennifer, that was a great little course. We enjoyed it immensely. We hope to see more of this type of thing in the future. It was a lot of fun sitting on the deck and reading the course and drinking wine. Thanks again!

                Scott Garrett & CJ Knapp
                Parkville, MO

              • Jennifer, I did enjoy the wine course. It was just enough information and presented in such a way that a novice like me can really learn something. We get to Wines by Jennifer® as often as we can and when we do, we thoroughly enjoy it. I tell as many friends as I can; even my nephew who lives in Michigan. I hope I can convince him to become a customer. I am still working on it. Thanks again!

                Karen Thompson

              • Hi Jennifer, I enjoyed the course very much. Great information to have about wine - it helps the novice feel a bit more comfortable.​ I have shared it with others. In fact, two friends will be heading up your way Saturday.

                Chris Ann Carnelia

              • Jennifer and Team, thanks for the great course! I thought it was a super refresher and more importantly, a reminder to take time to savor the wonderful world awaiting in each glass. One only has to take the time to explore the dimensions on a regular basis to fully appreciate what wine has to offer. As the weather has warmed and hopefully dried a bit, Pennie and I look forward to our evenings at WBJ®. It's always a great prelude to some local dining.

                Dennis Watkins
                Liberty, MO

              • I found this very enjoyable. It was mostly things that I have heard, but it was nicely organized and it made for a good reminder. Thanks!

                Dave McCoy
                Parkville, MO

              • Loved the wine course!

                Sarah Reed, CPC
                North Kansas City, MO

              • Hello Jennifer, I thought that the tasting course was excellent! I think that it is a great idea to throw out little tidbits like that to the subscribers.

                Larry Killer
                Overland Park, KS

              • Yes, the course was very interesting and I passed it on to a couple of friends that might be interested in joining the Wine Club. Thanks for putting these together!

                Chris Scharff
                Lenexa, KS

                • It was brief, more than anecdotal, and enjoyable to read. Thanks!

                  Eric Van Buskirk

                • Jennifer, I enjoyed the course sooooo much and really have learned more than I can tell you. I'm going to print them and share with some of my friends. Please mail a few of your business cards/brochures etc. so that I can "package" them with the printouts. I'll put the class information on nice stationary-type paper which I plan to buy this weekend...with wine bottles/grapes etc. of course...

                  Mary Jane McKnight
                  Lake Waukomis, MO

                • Thanks! Great info - hope to stop by soon!

                  Dorothy Sparks
                  Iola, KS

                • Hi Jennifer, I enjoyed the course very much. Thank you!

                  Deborah Osborne
                  Kansas City, MO

                • My husband and I read every bit of all 5 parts of the course. It was absolutely fantastic for a couple of rookies like us. I can never acquire too much information so keep it coming!

                  Bobbie Hackett

                • Jennifer, I consider myself very knowledgeable about wines and initially wondered what the course would hold for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the course. I felt it was extremely well done and well versed. Your knowledge was impressive and you laid it out in layman's terms. Very well done! Thanks for the wonderful course.

                  Carol Baughman

                • I did enjoy the course very much. I have been drinking and collecting wine for quite a few years and I found it to be a great refresher course, as well as learning new items, too. Thanks so much for putting this wonderful information together for wine enthusiasts.

                  Cheri Bailey

                • Jennifer, I found the course very helpful. I was also in the store over the weekend and had a great time. Thanks!

                  Nicole Barton

                • Jennifer, I enjoyed the "5 'Hidden Secrets' of Expert Wine Tasting" course very much. They were simple and easy to understand. Again, thank you for the wine tasting education and I wish you continued success in your business.

                  Toni Hamel
                  St. Louis, MO

                • Jennifer, great course! I really enjoy your website and if I'm ever in the area intend on stopping in to your boutique. We live in NW Montana by Glacier Park. Quite a drive as you can see but do get that way now and then.

                  Jim Weakly

                  Kalispell, Montana

                  • I loved the course and thank you for helping this "novice" discover how to truly appreciate wine. I will spread the word! Thanks again!

                    Debbie Wright

                  • This course had the most interesting and informative guidance I have ever read regarding wine tasting. And so learner friendly! I hope everyone I forwarded to signs up.

                    Cynthia Fisher

                  • Thanks, it was great! I've already told my friends that we need to come up for a girl’s afternoon once the weather gets nicer. I've never been there but heard great things about it!

                    Shelby Jones

                  • I have enjoyed the lessons. I brought some friends up for a tasting and to purchase wine. We are going to come back and enjoy the patio and more great wine. Thank you for the lessons!

                    Debra Detel

                  • Jennifer, the course is very good, actually exceptionally good. Your five basic steps are terrific, well written and educational, even to an "old" wine drinker like me. On one of my next trips to Kansas City to visit with family, I will make the short trip to Parkville and visit your establishment.

                    Tom Fasl
                    St. Louis, MO

                  • Jennifer, I enjoyed the course very much and I am really looking forward to putting it into practice at your establishment!

                    Mike Neale
                    Parkville, MO

                  • Thank you Jennifer! I enjoyed the "5 'Hidden Secrets' to Expert Wine Tasting" course very much. It was very complete, easy to understand, and fun & easy to read. It was like "Vinology 201", good job! I have shared it with a number of friends & family. Looking forward to our next visit to Parkville, and your shoppe. Thanks for sharing!

                    Joe Massi

                  • Jennifer, I loved the "5 'Hidden Secrets' of Expert Wine Tasting" course that you sent! I have already signed up for your 10-week "Wine 101" course that starts in June. I can't wait to experience new wines with you and your staff! I have heard great things about your store and look forward to meeting you in person!

                    Michele Thomas
                    Fred Pryor Seminars/Career Track

                    Kansas City, MO

                  • This was excellent, informative and simple to understand. Thanks!

                    Debra Harper

                  • Hello Jennifer, thanks for the 5 Hidden Secrets of Expert Wine Tasting course. I enjoyed reading it and thought it was very informative. I am looking forward to visiting Wines by Jennifer® soon. Thanks again!

                    Kathy Johnson

                    Kansas City, MO

                    • I thought it was great! Thanks for sharing.

                      Scott Quinn
                      Kansas City, MO

                    • I really enjoyed your "5 Secrets" course on wine tasting. My daughter and I have visited Wines by Jennifer® several times in the last year and we always have such a pleasant experience each time. We really enjoy sampling different wines from around the world and really appreciate the fantastic setting you provide in Parkville. Thanks again!

                      Marsha L. Ogle
                      Parsons, KS

                    • My daughter sent me your information. She lives in Parkville, however, I live in South Padre Island, Texas. I do visit her 2-3 times a year and am looking forward to visiting your establishment. As I am an occasional wine drinker, you have provided much information and in a pleasant way so people who enjoy wine can understand the basics in a very simple explanation. THANK YOU!!!

                      Janet Myers
                      South Padre Island, TX

                    • Hello Jennifer, I thoroughly enjoyed the wine tasting course! It is an awesome course for the "beginner." I forwarded the course to four other people. Thank you!

                      Tammy Graham
                      Overland Park, KS

                    • GREAT CLASS -- Thanks!!!

                      Debra Wright

                    • I thought the course was great. It shored up those things that I knew or thought I knew and gave me some new things to think about. I saved all five essays and intend to refer to them in the future to help me be a better wine enthusiast. Thanks!

                      Leif Bahl

                    • Jennifer, thank for your sharing your "5 'Hidden Secrets' of Expert Wine Tasting" course. While I was familiar with all five steps, it was a great refresher course. It also provided some nice detail as to why we experience different tastes, smells, etc. Thank you again and I look forward to visiting your shop again sometime soon.

                      Tamera Kovacs

                    • Jennifer, I learned ALOT. It's a little bit more wine knowledge than I need, but all knowledge is good - right? I thought it was excellently organized. I'm sure I'll see you around!

                      Denice Carter

                    • Loved the wine course - thanks!

                      Kay Torpey

                    • Dear Jennifer, I really liked the wine course - I found it to be concise and to the point. I look forward to your wine tasting room! Thank you.

                      Chris Walz