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Wine & Cheese Pairing Guidelines

Wine and cheese. Enjoyed together for centuries, this pairing seems so natural that it's taken for granted, but what is it that makes them so magical together?


In a word, chemistry. The acidity and tannins that provide the structure in white and red wines respectively are substances that can be overpowering to the palate when consumed alone, but are greatly moderated by the proteins and fats found in most cheeses, often resulting in a much more pleasurable taste sensation.


But finding great matches of cheese and wine can be tricky, with flavors often competing, negating, or just plain spoiling one another.


And while we're always happy to help you match any of our dozens of varieties of local and imported cheeses with the perfect wine at Wines by Jennifer®, we created this pocket guide to assist in your wine and cheese matching efforts when you're not at the shoppe:

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