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In a little town, in a little house, lies a big wine experience. Wines by Jennifer® is nestled comfortably in a house located on the shady stretch of north Main Street in downtown Parkville. In this fanciful spot rests a wine shop like no other in Our Town.


Wines by Jennifer® is a complete wine adventure, a global wine boutique. Proprietor Jennifer Stanton is as knowledgeable as she is friendly, and the entire shop exudes her love of wine and gourmet food. Jennifer aims to guide people to educate themselves and explore all that wine has to offer.


Her exposure to wine began before she could actually enjoy the drink, but she grew up in a family of wine aficionados, as her parents are lovers and collectors of fine wine. When her father politely declined Jennifer’s request to buy a winery so that she could operate it, Jennifer decided to become involved with wine in another way, hence Wines by Jennifer® was born. Jennifer’s other passion is flying (she’s been a pilot for more than 10 years.) Husband Don (also a pilot) and son Daniel are also both involved in this family affair. The family fruits of adventure and fun are most definitely incorporated into her wine shop.


She is familiar with wines from many countries, including the familiar places such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Chile, and Australia. But Jennifer also likes to discover new regions of wine production. She has sampled wines from Texas to Canada, and in such obscure places as Austria, where the wine produced is scarce but delicious. South Africa is also an overlooked wine-producing country due to its political strife, but is now able to market fantastic wines. And when asked about future hot-spots for wine production, Jennifer mentioned Oregon and Washington as places to watch, especially for remarkable pinot noirs. Jennifer travels to far-flung places to continue her wine education, taking sommelier classes, sometimes accompanied by her husband, Don.


In addition to a venerable variety of wine, Wines by Jennifer® offers gourmet foods, tampenades and spreads, flavored oils and vinegars, cheeses, and a variety of breads and crackers, among other delicious delectables. These treats are available to take home and enjoy with a bottle, or can be appreciated as appetizers during a tasting.


And the tastings are a treat! Each room of Jennifer’s shop is decorated with its own theme, and tasting areas with chairs and small tables are located in each place. The rooms are cozy yet sumptuously designed and awash in comfort. One area is decorated in rich, deep tones, accentuated with leather chairs. Another is designed as a delightful patio, nuanced with natural light and bistro tables where wine and snacks may be enjoyed. The lower level functions as a tasting area, with private areas carved out of the space and made spectacular with displays of original art, including painting and sculpture. The third floor is awash with warm colors and accented by wine glasses, wine charms of many varieties, and accent pieces varying from gorgeous glassware to travel trunks. Each room has a distinctive personality; it’s as though you are making a new acquaintance with each place.


Whether you choose to sit at a bistro table, on a wooden bench pulled up to a ceramic table, or on the pleasing outdoor patios, there will be paper and little pencils for you to record your tasting notes. Your education will continue as you read the colorful maps that reside on the various walls, explaining the variety of wine growing and producing regions around the world. And of course, Jennifer and her educated and friendly staff are on hand to answer questions, offer advice on selections, and completely enhance your tasting experience. The shop caters to wine novices and connoisseurs, and every level in between.


Wines by Jennifer® is also an interactive shop, offering monthly cooking classes focusing on creating wonderful dishes using wine in the recipes. Fabulous foods such as chocolate truffle molten wine cakes, Spanish tapas cooked with wine, beef tenderloin with a merlot reduction sauce, and lobster served with sherry are just a few of the samples of the tremendous treats you can create in Jennifer’s culinary classes.


If you know a wine lover in your life, Wines by Jennifer® is the perfect place to unearth unique and exquisite gifts. In addition to selecting the consummate wine, there are many wonderful accompanying gift ideas. Wine charms of all styles, including fuzzy and furry ones, are available for sale. The gourmet foods make sensational gift basket offerings. Lovely glass and metal tableware pieces are offered, with cute and colorful kitchen aprons decorated with clever phrases, and even cigars for the tobacco toter you know.


Wines by Jennifer® is the perfect locale to experience a true winery tasting without leaving KayCee. No longer do you have to travel to California or other locales to experience the ambience and excitement of a genuine wine tasting. There is always wine to pour for tastings with no appointment necessary. Stop by the shop between noon and eight p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Every moment the shop is open is a wine tasting opportunity, a chance for learning and living your love of wine.

Originally published in The Independent, Kansas City's Journal of Society.

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